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Welcome to eflaunt, the full service UK Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) agency based in Edinburgh, Scotland since 2005. We believe in offering full transparency of service - that means no cloak and dagger techniques that leave you as bewildered about the Internet Marketing industry as when you started with us.

To this end, with each campaign you will not only receive a full outline of the process of implementing your online marketing campaign, but also full documentation explaining the purpose of each technique recommended and the impact it can and will have on your website.

Internet Marketing is still a relatively new industry and as such, many websites still do not fufil their full potential. That's why we believe...

"...if you've got it - eflaunt it!"

why eflaunt for SEO?

Years of Internet Marketing experience. Top results on major search engines within competitive industries. Transparency of service. Traditional marketing focus that embraces Internet unique techniques. Take your pick!

We've developed unique Internet Marketing techniques focused on best industry practice ethical marketing which allow us to offer a service above and beyond average Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation agencies. These include:

In fact, we're so confident, we'll happily review your current SEO offerings for free, and for a small fee we will happily advise you on any issues you may face.

Central to our approach to Internet Marketing, is our policy of full transparency which means that we will make every effort to help educate you and your staff to enable you to make make informed decisions about your Internet Marketing campaign in the future.

about eflaunt

Based in the UK (Edinburgh, Scotland), eflaunt have over 5 years Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) experience, stemming from a traditional marketing background. For more information about eflaunt, please refer to the following pages:

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