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Your brand online is just as important as your brand offline. In fact, in some cases, your online brand is more important. We're entering into an age where almost anyone around the world can comment on potentially thousands of websites about your product, service or business in general. The guy next to him can sit a computer and within seconds use a search engine to find what other people say about your company.

Can you really afford to ignore the impact the web can have on your business?

brand searches

Searches for your brand term (usually) result in your site in the number 1 position (if not, then you seriously need our search engine optimisation services!). What about the other 9 positions? Some news sites commenting about your product? Some product review sites? Oh and that guy who got a bee in his bonnet about something and decided to rant on every blog and discussion forum he could find.

The Internet is a great place for free speech - that guy has every right to say what he wants (although more often than not, emotions tend to take over). The problem is that other people find his comments and join in. Some people may have not known about your company until they read those comments and now they have a bad first impression.

What's the solution? Well, just like that guy has the right to say what he pleases, so do you. It's not an opportunity to slate him and plus sell your products though (this kind of self promotion would be disastrous - most online communities would take the side of the individual). But it is an excellent opportunity to take the high ground - by approaching the situation diplomatically you can not only avoid negative publicity, but also gain a positive response from the surrounding community (ie, your potential customers).

our online brand protection service

Let us be your eyes on the web, and should the situation arise, we can also be your representative (in line with your external communication policies) within online communities. We can advise on protecting your brand search results (the results you get when searching for your brand name) to limit the possibility of negative results reaching the top 10.

Our online brand protection service includes:

  • Regular web, blog and online news searches for new mentions of your brand
  • Immediate reporting of any negative publicity
  • Advice on how to approach the publicity
  • Advice on how to ring fence your brand online
  • Representation of your company to deal with any negative publicity online*

Our brand protection services start from £350 per month. Please contact us with your requirements for a formal quote.

* Please note. We aren't going to pretend to be a random forum user who "likes your product" just to stop some negative publicity. If we're taking the job, then we're tackling it head on. Pretending to be someone else is just tacky and unprofessional!

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